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Saturday, May 06, 2006

The First Date Song

I wrote a song:

I went out on a first date
the food, it was great.
I had some lobster and she
had those chicken nuggets on her plate.

Oh! The movie was so stellar.
It starred Sarah Michelle Gheller.
But, then on the walk home,
That's when I tell her:

This date it was awesome- It's true! I love you!
And I hope you love me- Please do!
Because I'm gonna rape you. - Don't sue! Rape you!

I'm gonna rape you! (Rape you, Rape you!)
I'm gonna rape you! (Rape you, Rape you!)
Rape you, Rape you! (Don't sue!)

I'm gonna rape you!


Blogger Ryan Mc said...

lol that was interesting

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

It sounds like slam poetry. The message is very effective. You should look into doing more of it when you go to college if they have a team. I know they have one at oneonta and theyre really good. I have a CD of theres that you can borrow when we get to camp.

10:23 PM  

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